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Mail Call!!!
by Rick Campione

Mail Call!!  


While at work, Joe Smith received an e-mail about some disturbing news that stated: "Due to the expiration of important certifications, your access to area XYZ has been revoked". Joe knew that this could be a major problem in that he would not be able to get his work completed without access to area XYZ! However, after further review of the e-mail, Joe quickly discovered that he was NOT the intended recipient but instead "copied"  or "cc'd" as a reference only! As it turns out, a colleague of his was the man who lost his access! Joe, as the superintendent of area XYZ, simply needed to be aware of this! For a brief moment, Joe confused his TO mail with his CC mail. Not understanding that distinction for those brief minutes after reading the message caused severe anxiety for Joe until he realized the message was indeed TO someone else!  In a much similar example, when WE read the bible, identifying our TO mail is very important lest we make the same fundamental mistake as the person above. Without understanding the distinction between our "to" mail and our "cc" or our "reference only" mail, believers inadvertently "read themselves" into areas of the bible that God did not intend. The result when this happens: confusion! (see The Introduction of Dispensationalism

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